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If you are looking for a socially awkward, introverted, overthinking photographer, well search no more you have found her.


    I am a divorced single mom of three girls and if anybody is going to keep me humble it is going to be my teenagers. I love to laugh at myself and find humor in all moments.  I could say being a mom gives me a unique outlook that influences my photography, but let's be honest motherhood changes us all. No one is the same after the decision to be a mother. I think we are all a little crazy, exhausted, and overwhelmingly happy. With every stage and phase, my girls go through I learn and change so much. My teenager keeps me humble by knocking me down a few notches now and then, but motherhood keeps me humbly thankful... if those words even make sense by being put together. 

Born and raised in Georgia, I am an original Georgia peach (in my very southern accent). My photography journey didn't start with my uncle or father handing me a camera one day. My journey started in my high school drama class. My acting skills were....not good. I couldn't even get a role as an extra on the stage (this socially awkward thing is from birth I have always been this way). My place in the theater was in the lighting booth. Working and re-working settings as the actors practiced every day after school to ensure the lights created the correct mood and idea for the scene on stage. I enjoyed making sure the lights ran correctly throughout each show.  Light is where my journey started. 

I studied fine art with a concentration in photography at Georgia Southern University. I knew in my junior year of high school I was not interested in a career that required me to sit behind a desk. Despite my father's pleas and lectures advising studying fine art was "not a good idea". I did it anyway, yep I am a rebel. I know it was the best decision I ever made. I have never picked up a camera before my first photography class in college. Yet, I stepped onto campus so sure of my decision and without any doubts, and looking back at things, I don't know how or why. The camera changed me, learning fine art changed my entire outlook on life. I knew before starting my collegiate journey my ultimate goal was to make something that was impactful to change just one person's life for the better not fulfill the idea of 'successful'. I was honestly ok with being a hippy/nomad. I wanted the opportunity to show the beauty in everyday moments.

When I became a mom the idea that every moment is precious was pressed upon me even more. I wanted to breathe every moment of my daughter in. I remember thinking 'I have to take a picture of her at this moment because she will never be 12 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days ever again. Don't worry I'm still that mom over 18 years years in. Shortly after the birth of my second daughter, I experienced one of my extreme lows in life. I am a divorced single mom. The idea of capturing moments never left me. Even in those low moments, I knew this was my story and there had to be beauty to all. 


Before I could completely understand the importance of my thoughts and ideas I knew how important every moment was. My photography journey started with light. Photography is writing with light. I am a firm believer that every story deserves to be written, seen, and heard. It doesn't matter if it's a low or high moment in life. All moments are absolutely beautiful. Let's take those pictures, capture those awkward moments, and hold the images from our past that are pieces to the puzzle of our beautiful life.


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