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2021 to 2022 | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

One year ago I wrote my first blog post. I am still finding my "legs" with blogging but I enjoy seeing my own personal journey. I have learned to step away from the need to speak in a philosophical way. Though I personally love philosophy and coming from a peaceful place makes it difficult for people to connect with me. I have enjoyed sharing the realness of my life and the shutters that cause me to pause about what I do and do not share. I hope to continue to share more.

Whenever I can finally come back after being absent longer than I wanted to I regret everything I didn't write about. These last few weeks with the holidays' things have been crazy but also moments I have wanted to stay completely in the moment for. Did I mention I have three kids lol? Three individuals with multiple activities and events. I am grateful I survive it all every year. What I love most about it all...and myself I never let a moment slip by without trying to imprint it on my heart. There are so many moments I want to always remember and I am so thankful I am not only able to be physically present for but I am able to hear, see, and feel all the feels. Life is truly a blessing.

Before the new year arrived I realized there were a lot of behind-the-scenes changes I needed to make to my business. There is often a urgency to make these changes sooner than later but there have been a few 'roadblocks' that have required that I pause more than once and allow myself grace.

I am not a person that sets new years resolutions but I like to focus and ideas. What the last few weeks have soon me over and over is the need for grace. I think grace will be my focus. Sometimes I lose myself in trying to ensure things fall into place when I want them to how I want them to I miss the beautiful moments that allowed me to get to my goal. Grace in allowing my goals to grow and change as I get closer to them. Grace allows me to recognize when rest is needed and needs to be prioritized over the 'hustle mentality. More than anything I hope to remain a student of life and all it has to teach me.

These are the Christmas pictures I took of my girls and me to mail out to our family and friends. I love that I have the opportunity to do these every year. This year I decided to do matching outfits for us all. Buying for Jade and Ryan is like buying a duplicate of my outfit. Harper's outfit is always the challenge because she is the smallest but her little clothes are still so cute. Despite what is seen my girls did not enjoy taking these pictures. It honestly was like pulling teeth the entire time. I hear their complaints now but know they will cherish them later in life.

I laugh looking at our pictures because my older girls are my height now it makes our pictures look like an album cover lol. I hate how much they have grown and yet I love how much they have grown and who they are.

I am hoping the new year has found everyone in safekeeping and the beauty and grace of it all pushes us to continue to achieve more than yesterday.


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