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Father’s Day | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins and Atlanta GA

Photographing a large family?

I recently photographed my father with most of his grandkids. There are only 7 in these pictures however he was 8 total a great grandson and another surprise on the way.

I wanted this pictures to keep all of the kids entertained but also show the giggles the kids share with their grand father. What better way to capture this but by having the kids run.

Photographing a big family with a lot of kids I recommend to keep them moving. Step closer (if shooting with a prime lense)/ zoom in with your lense to different kiddos at different levels. Believe it or not ask for some fake laughs (they always look better on camera then the sound in person).

Get one sitting pose but don‘t expect to stay here too long because yes kids get bored.

If there is a fur baby unleash the baby and get some group shots.

Allow your camera to capture the motion and life happening as it unfolds. I think that is the most beautiful to thing about photography the ability to capture memories as the happen. the ability to capture life as it happens.

Three years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. After going through chemo he is in remission. I am thankful to have capture these moments my father has with his grand kid. I am so honored to capture these moments in motion for the kids to keep close to their heart for the rest of there lives. These moments…matter.

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