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Flash Photography for Events | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, GA

So super strange post to make when currently I don’t offer event photography services. I know. However, I have photographed many weddings, events, and parties. Taking on your first event as a photographer and trying to measure and change light can daunting. However, this is a way to create a full beautiful light on all your subjects indoors.

Usually, the first answer to a low dim area is upping your ISO. As a former film photographer, I know a higher ISO will create slightly more grain....which is grained in my head, seriously no pun intended. Depending on how lit your area is it may require you to increase your ISO quite a bit. Even with the ISO increase, you may still deal with uneven light. The next step is usually to lower your shutter speed however before you take that step I recommend taking out your external flash and allowing it to work for you. Take back control of the light.

An external flash with a diffuser is recommended. I am a Canon girl so I recommend this flash of course. It has a diffuser built-in and a bounce card. Pointing the head of the flash to the ceiling with the diffuser down allows the light to bounce from the ceiling back down evenly on your subjects. This allows for even light as you move throughout your event all-night light. The great thing about the Speedlight flash is it works with your camera and settings to ensure you get the best exposure each time.

Though I have stepped away from events at this time in my journey I still enjoy the ability to control light in every situation. Being quick on my feet is important to me in photography to be sure I don't miss any of the sweet moments that seem to just happen when you allow life to happen. This wedding was full of laughter and fun. I am thankful I was able to capture so much of the wedding quickly and evenly lit for memories for years to come for this couple.

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