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Hi, I am Marci! | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

Let Me Introduce Myself...

I am reviewing my previous blog post and I am noticing none of them let anyone know who I am. I mean authentically who I am. I mention things here and there and make strange and awkward references but I never say this is me. I am not sure why I am the way I am (I may have stolen that from Eminem), it might be because the radio won't even play my jam. Ok, I am done with Eminem...I think.

So let me give you a hopefully quick overview because I can get overwordy in the most unnecessary places. That's one thing about me!

Hot Tamales, I probably eat these more than one person should. If I go to the store for something 'quick' and they don't sell Hot Tamales I am no longer able to purchase anything from that store. In fact, I have driven around to multiple stores after 11 pm to find a store that not only sold the items I 'really' needed but also sold Hot Tamales... it's kind of embarrassing. If you want to judge me yes I am eating them as I type...there is no shame in my game...maybe a little.

If anyone ever challenged me I could speak in song lyrics for about a week without breaking a sweat. I know extremely impressive. I didn't mean to completely blow your socks off but it's too. My girls may say something in passing not knowing I can relate it to a song lyric, I will start singing. They don't enjoy this, in fact, they hate this especially when I get our Google Home or Siri to help by playing the song.

My daughters are 'my girls'. They are literally my best friends they are just broke its ok. They are my broke best friends.

I love books that allow me to lose my life in them. What does that mean? A book you can't put down and nothing around your house or life gets done because you have to finish the book, not skip to the end but finish the book. I can only do this amount once a year but man o man when I can it's like Christmas week.

I am single and I REALLY love being single. I have found what so many seem to search for in a partner and I can't imagine letting it go, and an abundance of love.

Some more of the basics: I am Jade, Ryan, and Harper's mom, I am not a mother. I was perfectly made for them as they were for me. I was married and it didn't work out I went through a divorce but I am not divorced....let me know if you caught that. I have freckles, that I often forget I have, and a Mongolian birthmark on the left side of my face, because of these combinations of features of I don't wear make-up. I don't have any animals, because as many Atlanta natives say "we full here", I have three kids.

This was fun I enjoyed sharing. Let me know if you share any of my quirks or contrast them. Alright back to the lab again. I had to end it with another Eminem lyric it wouldn't be right if I didn't.


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