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Is It Fall Break Yet? | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

6am wake ups, 9pm practice pick ups, and late night homework corrections. Since school started in August this has been our routine every school day. The window that I actually sleep seems to get smaller and smaller every night or maybe it just feels smaller. Fall break can’t get here soon enough. There is so much sleep my little eyes are begging me to get caught up with.

Most people might use fall break as an opportunity to travel, time to take a vacation. This translates to me as a single mom: working hard to keep everyone in order in another city, state, or country that you can never get comfortable in because you keep finding items you forgot to pack.

I am determined to use fall break as an opportunity to put on my housecoat and lay in my bed. While I ask my children to bring me something from my purse that is simply across the room from me.

I will use this time to drink an entire glass of water. YES, water! From the same cup on my own. I will not have a cup upstairs near my bed, a cup in the kitchen, and a cup in my office with a few sips missing from each because every time I enter a new room I can never find my water. When I can find it, it’s usually in the hands of my toddler as she blows spit bubbles. This of course prompts me to get a completely new glass. But I am naming it and claiming it now! I will drink an entire glass of water from the same cup!

I vow to listen to my girls argue with each other and not intervene…. unless my toddler is clearly winning the argument.

I may not cook dinner a few nights in a row. I have a 15-year-old. Do you know how many meals I have made in my life at this point? I am so tired of making dinner! The kicker is they always complain about what I make after I have put my all in a meal that I didn’t even want to make.

This is fall break to me, a vacation that I have always dreamed of. As dreamy as this all sounds the reality is, I talk a big game I am a sucker for these little girls. I am such a sucker I have created an entire blog post just to share some sweet crazy pictures of my girls.

I will more than likely try to find something fun for them to do every day. I will have the conversations we normally don’t have time for and get to know each other again from all the changes since school started. I will have 3 glasses of water scattered through the house and I will probably end up taking sips from the one Harper has ‘christened‘ for me. I will cook and I will probably try to get us all in the kitchen to take a part in creating our meal.

I love the opportunity to just be with them, despite being overtired at all moments of the day. I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to be their mother. They are exactly what I needed in my life at the moment they entered my life. But I will forever talk smack so I don‘t look like a complete softy.

Can anyone riddle me where I can find a housecoat with a built-in heating pad that is solar-powered, so I won’t have to worry about plugging in or batteries? Asking for a friend… no it’s for me. If I could have a piece of my ideal vacation, this device would be the window of allowing it to happen. Let me know if one is out there. If not just at least mention my name when you take this trillion-dollar idea to shark tank. It’s all I ask.


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