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Just Some Me Time | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

A sing mom’s dream get away

My birthday is in March and this year I turned 37. I usually don't celebrate my birthday especially since becoming a mom. Normally I spend the day with my girls. Celebrating birthdays are fun for my girls so I ensure they can bask in all the moments of a birthday even if it's "my day". This year however I decided to take a solo trip. I will confess I did celebrate the day of my birthday with my girls, I couldn't resist. The day after however, I celebrated alone. After covid, many people are itching to be around others. As a single mom of three who works from home and for this school year my girls did school from home it was a much need moment of silence that I needed. I have enjoyed having my girls at home 24 hrs a day with me. I have prayed for days like this since my oldest two started school. My heart would ache for them to be back home with me most of the day even when I worked outside the home. We all need a break no matter how deeply we love the person or the moments we are in. I had an opportunity and decided to take it. I booked a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. This cabin was a one-room house with an outdoor shower and outhouse to accompany it. I read, went for a nice long walk, listened to the nearby creek, and of course, I took some pictures. Did I call my girls while I was away...I never stop thinking of them but I enjoyed just sitting in the silence of the moment. I visited a nearby vineyard and sat on their porch drank beautifully flavored wine and read some more. It was everything I needed and more. I highly recommend this to every human being. Take a trip alone, listen to your heartbeat and thoughts. Enjoy moments with yourself, enjoy yourself.

Here are some images from the Yonhan Mountain Vineyard in Cleveland, Georgia

This is a view I have from the porch. The day was overcast and it did rain lightly. This made for a beautiful warm, not too hot spring day.

One thing I will admit I took the beauty of Georgia for granted. As a Georiga native when it's time to get away I always think of another state or country to visit. I had a flight booked to go to another state for my birthday and at the last minute three days before I decided to cancel and spend time in Georgia. This was the best choice I could have made. I honestly can't wait to do this again.

The cabin I stayed in was something off the beaten path. It was on a long winding dirt road up a very steep hill. At night it rained and I could hear the rain dance and sing off the metal roof and all the little trinkets around the cabin. I would not give this blog post any justice if I didn't include some of the images around the cabin that I took.

My mom thought this was a crazy idea to go out here by myself. My oldest daughter told me she would be tracking me via find my phone all weekend to ensure my safety and thought this was a horror movie waiting to happen. My sister wished it was something we could have done together. Because I am an introvert I enjoyed every moment I had secluded with myself. I think everyone should take time to themselves. I thank myself every time I look back at these pictures for investing in myself. That is the only opinion that matters and means the most to me.

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