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Location, Location, Location | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins,GA

Best Places for Photography in Metro Atlanta Area

Turnispeed Nursey Farms

685 Glynn St S, Fayetteville, GA 30214


The Little Pier

The greenery, the abandoned rowboat, the swans, I am not sure you could ask for a more perfect scene. Not only does this location photography beautifully, but it is also as sweet as it looks.

When shooting on location the biggest thing I look for is light. Will there be enough light to create with. Camera's read light a little differently than how we see light so it can be a dance at times. This little scene on the pier had me sold on this entire farm! This was shot mid-day which is often what most photographers stay away from. The over-hanging trees made for the best light defusers and kept my clients cool at the same time. As beautiful as this scene looks it is breathtaking in person. I say if you don't go for anything else at least go for this little pier, yet there a so many other sweet spots around this farm!

The Field of Flowers

This was something my client was interested in for her shoot a field of flowers. Of course, when finding a location for a session you have to be fulfilling your client's request of their location. This request created the hunt for us both and led us to find this beautiful location. Sunflower fields were not open yet due to them not being in bloom. We honestly have given up on the idea of a field of flowers because it seemed almost impossible to find in for June. The field was the sweetest surprise for my client! Again these were shot mid-day! The field does not have an overhang of trees however every angle of the field is perfect which allows you to find your light and create some breathtaking photos!

The Swing!

I am trying not to put an exclamation point on everything that I type but UGH! The swing! Another of the must-haves for a location when I photograph a family. There has to be something fun for the kids. Otherwise, you lose their interest FAST and let's be honest they usually aren't interested before the shoot even starts. This little guy even said while I taking pictures of his mother in a nearby location "I'm going to go on the swing". I mean before mom could even answer I was so excited I answered back "absolutely" lol. I was able to quickly pivot around to him and get some shots of him alone, and HAVING FUN! These real smiles are sometimes hard to pull out of kids but you give them something fun to do and they somehow start to pour out like rain!

A Place to Create Memories

When walking away from a session I want my clients to not only enjoy the photos but enjoy the memories they created in the space together.

This creates a connection to the photographs in ways that can be underestimated at times. As a mom, I am a witness to how fast time flies. Life can be so fast pace with work, school, and everything else. When a client enters a session with me.

I want to allow them to lay all they have going on down and just be with one another. The hugs they share, the kisses and conversations I want them to organically take place and be remembered. There is no time like this time. When looking at their photos from their session years from now I still want them to remember the sights, the sounds, and the love of these moments.


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