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Looking forward to Mother's Day 2022 | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins

I cannot believe Mother’s Day is May 8. I feel like it crept up on me. This year with all I have had going on everything has crept up on me. Each year I feel like I am pulling at straws trying to figure out what to get my mother for Mother’s Day and it usually ends up being flowers…. which I usually end up kicking myself for. She doesn’t mind and loves anything… at least she acts as she does.

Last year my sister and I got all of our kids all shiny-faced, dressed and I took pictures of them. We made a large canvas print of the group picture and small canvas prints of the individual picture.…. she loved it. In fact, she cried. Ok, she might cry about everything and anything but she cried this time too. These photographs your see are the photos from my little family session.

I felt as though my gift, my sister’s gift, each one of our kid’s gifts was meaningful and impact. My deserve is that my gifts mean something to everyone I am gifting. I hate just picking up something and throwing it in a gift bag.

I think in a sense we all what to make an impact even if it’s with a gift to our loved one.

This year I want everyone to have the opportunity to provide the mother figure in their life the opportunity through photography. If I didn’t believe photographs didn’t make an impact in a person’s life I wouldn’t do it and I wouldn‘t be offering this deal this season.

May 6, 2022, at Rozar Park in Perry, Ga I am offering mini sessions to families not just to mothers.

‘Only pay for what you lI’ve’ is the motto.

This season’s mini session is like no other mini session I have offered before so it needs a motto.

No upfront fee to book your mini session. I love it because you honestly only pay for what you love. No gimmick, no tricks, no minimum purchase amount in fact no purchase necessary at all! Just let me know you are coming it hang out with me.

After the session, you will be provided with a link that allows you to view your photographs from the session. You are able to digitally download the images for only $30.00 each download.

Why am I offering this deal, seems too good to be true right? I have been a single mom, a married mom, a divorced, and a new mom. Every season of motherhood, I have been in it me passes by too fast and my kids grow faster than I can take. Their little moments pass me by and I find the photographs I have to trigger the sweet memories of yesterday and continue to give us so much to look forward to tomorrow.

I honestly feel as though every person’s moments matter, deserve, and need to be captured. This is my motto and I wouldn't do this if I honestly didn’t believe this to my core.

I hope I have as many families that I am able to photograph Friday, May 6 come out and allow their moment in time to be remembered through the sweet memories of photographs. Reserve your spot and don't miss these sweet moments in time...there will never be another moment like it.


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