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Marvin and Brianna | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

Maternity Session

As I was en route to this shoot Brianna sent me a text "Good morning, my morning is not starting off the best", and my heart sank. The last thing I wanted is for her to show up to a shoot stressed. I called her to let her hear my voice reassure and let her know that I was in no hurry and want to be sure she had to opportunity to show up completely present and relaxed. Though I was stress because as I was driving light rain was coming down and I was trying to figure out how to make composition work with a photograph if I needed to.

I arrived at Lenora Park in Snellville, GA the rain had cleared. The sun started to come out while waiting for the couple I had the opportunity to scope out some great locations for our shoot. Brianna arrived looking beautiful and relaxed which is like a super plus. Things just fell perfectly into place. As we walked to our first location the clouds began to pull back and we were able to capture some beautiful light. I mean I feel like I made this up but this is honestly what happened it was all in perfect timing.

Can I add a plus plus plus? My sister was there as my hype woman. Did you read that my sister was my hype woman!

Ok, understandable no one else will get hype to know my sister was there I am always so excited to see her and spend time with her any way I can. Which kept Brianna and Marvin laughing as you can see!

To tie the bow on this, this shoot was for my brother and his girlfriend. My brother is expecting his very first child, and I am the opportunity to photograph this moment for them both. Saying I am so thankful I am a photographer is an understatement. I think the importance of a photograph is overlooked sometimes. Photographs hold memories when we can't remember all the details. The photograph captures it all to help us replay the moment over and over again. I just hope my sweet little nephew appreciates how much time and effort went into creating these moments for him...

This day seemed like nothing would go right at the beginning of the day but honestly, I couldn't think of more perfect circumstances because these photographs are absolutely beautiful, and that's not bragging on my talents.


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