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Nothing but Beautiful | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

Some of the Best Places in Warner Robins, Georgia for Family Photography

Wellston Trails

After a local friend books their sessions, the first question they usually ask is, 'what is a good location in Warner Robins, Georgia?' I think because Atlanta is just an hour and a half away many feel as though traveling is the only option to get the best scenic photos. I will say this with ALOT of unashamed bias but I can't think of a bad spot in Georgia. Yes, I am a breed and born Georgia peach so there is a lot of bias but I honestly can't see how this is not true. Georgia is absolutely beautiful.

This shoot was at Wellston Trails it is located in Warner Robins, Georgia, one entrance starts off of Kimberly Rd and there is another entrance that is off of Corder Rd. The trail runs about one mile long that passes through a residential area, a shaded wooded area, and a playground at Fountain Park. For an active family, this is really a great place to come and just hang out.

When Alicia contacted me to schedule her session a location in Houston County was important. I am all about providing real-time options, so I went and photographed a few different areas and allowed her to choose. At the time, Wellston Trailshad had flowers in bloom and white small flower petals that peppered the ground and the bridge as you entered. I mean you could not ask for a sweeter spot for maternity and family pictures unless you had someone set this all up.

In the middle of the trail is an open green space, which is well-manicured, which makes for a beautiful green backdrop perfect for any affair. This space also allowed for the smallest human here the opportunity to run, jump, find a good stick, and find flowers to give his new photographer friend 😉. Everything to keep a little mind engaged in a photography session.

I am in love with this session! Alicia’s family was an absolute blast, so flexible but also open to finding beauty in a location they have visited and passed so many times before. Think sometimes we overlook the opportunity of the beauty around us. I know I am guilty of this when honestly I am overwhelmed. Sometimes my ability to laser focus on my many tasks removes my ability to stop, just be present, and open my eyes to the beautiful world around me. I have lived in other states and had some great adventures but since moving back I have chosen to see the beauty in all situations and places I am in and it honestly has transformed my photography and my life. What was once ole Georgia to me is now beautiful Georgia.


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