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The Bride and her Bridesmaids | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, GA

A pre-wedding photography session with the bridal party!

How about a pre-wedding session with just you and your girls? I am not sure who would say no to that! I made a decision to no longer photographs wedding about three years ago. I do however still love photographing the joy of it all. This session was the perfect blend for me. The bride and her girls? More of all of this, please!!!

The shoot was location was decided as Cherry St. downtown Macon. When choosing a location for a pre-wedding session you definitely want something that will match your bridal parties vibe. This location passed the vibe check for the girls. It had a little fast pace-ness, a little chaos, and structure (something I think all kids crave unknowingly). The girls had a blast out here and had no problem letting their personalities shine.

Melaine, the bride, made her daughter and nieces (yep two of my girls) her bridesmaids. Honestly the best and sweetest idea. Sometimes the littlest people in your life remind you that love is true, unconditional and forgiving. When walking down the aisle you need that nudge of a reminder of love standing beside you. These little people that already love you so much without condition, always ready to forgive your mistakes and pour more love onto you, this is love and the reason why you are choosing to pour all into your future husband. I mean who doesn’t love it?

Having pre-teens and teenagers as her bridesmaids Melaine seemed like she was able to just enjoy the little moments of not only this shoot but also the preparations of her wedding. There was no drama about dresses, shoes, or hair. It was all love.

I am thankful that despite not photographing a full wedding day. I can still soak up the beautiful vibes from this beautiful wedding party. I am thankful that my once sister-in-law and trusted me to capture these memories. I am thankful we are all still open to sharing our lives and maintaining a relationship with one another.

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