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So I Started A Podcast | | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

About two years ago I came up with the idea to finally start a podcast. Keep in mind a friend and I talked for a few years before constantly on the thought that we should start a podcast. It wasn’t until I realized that a conversation could possibly pull someone out of the same dark places that I have sat in mentally. It's funny how things become real once you realize your experiences, voice, and ideas could change someone's life that you actually start moving towards making that thing a reality. My thing is my podcast.

My podcast is called hertribe. Hertribe was built on the idea that shared stories and testimonies allow growth, connections, and a community to be built.

To give the full story, my personal experience caused the spark to start Hertibe. I am a divorced single mom. A few years after my divorce I had another child and decided not to continue with the relationship with her father either. There is no one in my family community, friend circle, no one that I knew of that I could pick up the phone and vent to and knew could relate to my position. Often when I did vent I found the need to over-explain the smallest details so I could be understood. I often was left feeling frustrated because I felt so isolated in my situation. I needed a community. I decided to build a community. I knew if I felt isolated someone else had to feel isolated too.

As I sat deeper into my situation I couldn’t help to think how many people in situations unlike myself also feel isolated. So many people need a community and aren’t able to find the community they need. I wanted to create a bridge for people to find one another or just hear a story like their own and have someone to relate to. So I created the bridge.

Hertribe first episode was released on April 29, 2022. The first episode is titled “Is Motherhood Required” and our guest was Ana. This topic is not a situation that I could directly relate to. However, there are elements of Ana's story that speak to me so clearly that though I can't relate directly to her I can empathize with her.

I am excited to see how these testimonies and stories speak to those around the world. I am excited to build and find the community that I so desperately needed and what I know so many others need.

I hope everyone takes the time to listen and subscribe to find their own community and connections. There is truly something for everyone with Hertribe.


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