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Some of My Favorites! | Marci Renee Warner Robins Lifestyle Family Photographer

It’s Officially December!!!!

It’s officially December this last month of the year! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! I am not just saying that because we are at the tail of the year either it literally flew by to me. I am so thankful for everything I was able to see, learn and experience this year. The best part? Your guessed it, those moments were with my girls. I promise I feel like a millionaire just having the opportunity to be in their presence. I love them. I wanted to kick this month off with a post reminiscing and just being thankful for the past that has allowEd my girls and I to step into this beautiful season we are currently in. I couldn’t think of a better place to start then my first Christmas as a mother of two!

Ryan was born in May and I thought becoming a mom stripped me of who I thought I was. Becoming a mom of two stripped me of who I thought I was as a mom. The fact that I was able to get them to this moment is nothing short of a miracle! Looking back at everything that took place prior to this, I am amazed at myself.

Becoming a mom of two was very hard for me and when I finally found my footing, when Ryan was about 3 months old, my ex-husband came to me and told me he no longer wanted to be married to me. If anyone knows postpartum knows there are three trimesters of actually being pregnant but there is a fourth too. The fourth trimester last the longest too, 12-15 months sometimes longer because there is no time limit on healing and learning. On top of that knowing my husband did not want to be married to me, dealing with postpartum…everything, I also was fight for my marriage along. I mean I was researching and going to every counseling session I could convince my ex-husband to go to. Reading books, consulting others in previous similar situations. I was fighting. Yet I have took the time to find sweet little matching dresses for my girls, neatly did their hair, and captured sweet moments between them. I have learned generally, in order for a child to express love they have to be shown how to express love. These pictures were not posed. Jade was three and Ryan was six months old. My number one goal was keeping everyone entertained and happy long enough to push the shutter button. my girls were able to show love to one another because I loved on them so much together and separately all the time. Yet still looking back I ask how?!?! Where in my body did I get the endurance and strength for all of this? I understand this post sounds so sad and depressing but honestly that is the last thing I feel as I type this. I feel proud that I was this woman. Proud that I can say I fought for my marriage and proud to say that it ended also. I am so thankful I was forced to walked away from a situation that was not healthy for me. Without all those tears, pain, and heartache I could never be who I am currently. My daughter’s wouldnt be who they currently are. I am not only crazy in love with them I am in love with who I am and with every single moment that has brought me to this moment in time. I am humbled, and in awe.

I love these pictures because these are my babies, I am so in love and proud of who they were and so thankful who they grown into, I have been able to witness all of their moments from this moment l, and they me remind that despite how much hurt I was holding onto in these moments we were still able to love and love deeply, wow and thank you God.

This is why I love photographing families. Life has it’s valley and peaks that is a fact. As much as you want remember the peaks those valleys, you start to realize, are the foundation for the peaks and you want to remember them just a well too. Sometimes you need to remember despite how low things were still had a moment in you to express love. Remember the moments all the moments let’s capture as much as we possibly can. I would love to help you because I get it and I know how beautiful and important every single moment is.

This month I am offering two different opportunities for mini sessions only 75.00 per slot. December 5th at Turnipseed Nursery seed farms and December 19th in Byron at North Peach Park. Just 15 minutes of your time for memories that will last a lifetime.

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I am including these pictures because Jade just can’t fathom that she is anything like my current three year old when she was three. Here I was asking Jade to allow me to check and set the lights and I needed her to stay still. ‘Stay still’ saying that to a three year old means asking them to do something that is painful. Can you see the agonizing pain on her face ?!? Jade took one look and saw not only her baby sister but also herself as a activist three year old too. As you can see in the other picture Jade was spinning, throwing up her dress, a quick sit down to hug her sister and back up at all the other activities again. I had to be quick but it worked.

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