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Be Cool We Made it to the 70s |Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

A Very Funky Halloween

This is late but, I really wanted to share the party we threw for my mom this year for her birthday. My mommy turned 70 this year! I can't believe my mom is 70!

My mother's birthday falls on Halloween. My sister and I am are still trying to figure out how to dress our kids in matching costumes...or maybe that just I am and my sister just asks her kids to go along with it. This year my niece actually came up with the idea, so definitely let me know she knows what to expect. She suggested she everyone dress up in 70s attire for Halloween and to celebrate my mom entering....the 70s. I mean I nearly exploded inside thinking of all the cute pictures we could take. Needless to say, I took the idea and ran with it. I decided to do a sunflower theme which would go well with the pumpkin colors however still be a subtle 70s them. I loved seeing everyone dressed up in their bell-bottoms and afros. My sister and I tried to make the food 70s theme as much as possible, fondue was honestly the only 70s food we could think of, and it ended up burning but we did have it there.

Though there may have been some..tears we got in some pretty sweet photos to remember today with. Honestly, with six kids there will be some tears or attitudes or someone that all of sudden becomes ridiculously thirsty and absolutely needs to go inside to get water because they will die. At this point, I eat it all up because at some point the attitudes, and tantrums I am going to miss and wish I could hear one more time.

We also had a pumpkin decorating contest. As much as we celebrate my mom she also has 6 grandkids present that are itching to do all things Halloween to we have to incorporate Halloween activities. This usually makes a big mess, tantrums, tears but they absolutely love it. My dad decided to participate this year...though he refused to dress up in 70s attire just he just wanted to be the difficult one. The entire time he let his grandkids know how good his pumpkin looked and how bad their pumpkin was..yep even the three-year-old. My dad is that kind of grandfather and the kids absolutely love it. My mother is the judge that chooses the best pumpkin anonymously because she is a birthday girl of course. The winner gets nothing but bragging rights but those bragging rights are so sweet to run in your sibling's and or cousin's face for an entire year who wouldn't want it. Just an FYI my father's pumpkin did not win.

They are serious about their pumpkin decorations.

I swear growing up my mom was the only ageless, can never get sick, superhuman that existed. I honestly still feel that way. My mom can't be 70 and then I have to remember I am almost 40 so it makes sense, but it doesn't. I feel like this time has come a lot more quickly than it should have but...I am so grateful to witness it, kind of like your kids getting older. You are holding a baby in your hand you blink and your baby is driving. I say that because that is literally the stage I am at now. I swear I can still feel the breath of my first baby girl on my shoulder when I would put her down for a nap. Now she is driving and I am grappling trying to figure out where the time has gone and how much I possibly missed. I can remember my mom holding me, her being big and holding my hand, and suddenly standing shoulder to shoulder with her. I am so thankful for the childhood I had with my mother and seeing her now with my kids. Even though I could have missed some things, I am rich with all of the memories I have with my mother. 70, it's not just her milestone it is all of ours and we are all so thankful she created memories for 70 years.


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