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'Tis the Season | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

It's almost my Christmas break from school which means Christmas is almost here! I saw this literally every year but dang this came so fast. I mean full discloser I am not ready for Christmas, but I am never really ready for Christmas. I honestly have bought gifts on the way to my parents...on Christmas day. Something even worse...I have given my girls empty boxes for Christmas too. I know it's terrible. In my defense, the empty boxes were notes written inside saying we were going to Disney. I am terrible but I have a problem with gift-giving. I completely overthink gifts because they have to have a meaning or mean something to the receiver. I honestly have the hardest times giving out random items to people. It's usually when I am under pressure I pick out the best gifts...sometimes. I am hoping I have everything ordered, yes I have restricted myself to online shopping, by this week...hopefully maybe.

As much as I love the gatherings and getting together with family this season brings, I feel like I struggle to keep up everything. I barely keep with three girls and all their different activities add the holidays to the mix and things barely stay on the rails. I mean I am hanging on by a hair right now. I will say despite how much is going on I try my best to remain in the moment and create memories with my girls. It's hard when 5 days out of the week I am a taxi cab and we eat dinner all at different times but when I have time, we all have time, I make it our time.

To kick off the Christmas festivities outside of the home we went to the Christmas Parade in Warner Robins. My youngest could not remember a previous parade so she was apprehensive about it. My older two, let me say my oldest, was in a 'mood' and because my second daughter admires her sister so much so took on the same persona. Let me just add a scream here, SOMEONE SAVE ME!!! lol. Once my girls realized the parade was giving out candy all of their moods completely change. My youngest was giddy with joy but not so joyful that she couldn't fight and scream with her sisters.

As crazy as it all sounds, this is what I live for. The silly arguments, the eye rolls, the "mom stop taking pictures of me", it's all so worth it. I will admit by the end of the day or week I am exhausted mentally physically I mean some nights I swear those sleepy tears that come out of my eyes are of blood, lol. Ok, maybe I am being the dramatic teenager now. But just know I am tired. I know the only thing I will always be able to carry with me are my memories and the memories I place in them by creating moments like these with them. I know I am a permanent resident of crazyland with these three people. I will gladly take up residency with them every moment of every day, they are my legacy.

These pictures are from the parade. My older girls hiding from my camera and my youngest being silly with me in between streaming bloody murder at her sisters. Yep, it's a beautiful life...


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