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Why Invest In A Photographer | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

A photograph is not just a singlar moment that is captured. A photograph can conjure the morning the photograph was taken. The weight of your baby in your arms in from this season of your life. How excited your baby was to have you near her. You can recall the sleepless nights that you knew would never end. The cloth diapers that you once wrapped your baby in. A photograph is not just the moment your baby is caught smiling it captures everything that is surrounding you in that season of your life at that time. The hard moments, the sweet moments, the tearful moments, all of them are captured in one place at one time to not be forgotten. A photograph is honestly worth a thousand words.

“I don't need a photographer I have my phone." This statement is often a statement I have heard tossed around and spoken to me as I explain my love and importance of photographers in everyday life. Why should you invest in a photographer when just about everyone has a camera in their hand.

A society as a whole photography is valued. It’s the reason why a camera is apart of every cellphone. Not just any kind of camera high quality camera with multiple lenses. We all seem to grasp and understand how fleeting life is and all the beautiful moments that should be remembered. Quick access to a camera is essential.

What is even more essential is the opportunity to show up and experience the moment without distractions. The opportunity to smell every smell that the wind brings your way as the moment is captured and whole heartedly be present.

The beautiful sprinkle on top of it all is the artistry of the photographer is able to bring to your memories. The ability to find the best light, and angles for you. Every session a photographer provides is unique to their client. Not only is every moment unique never to be recreated but every person is unique. A photographer also brings their unique understanding of their equipment. Anyone can buy a camera and a lense. Every person will use that equipment differently.

This all might seem extremely bias but I know everyone has used their camera phone at some point. There are also some moments that you live in and think to yourself as your belly is aching from laugher or your heart swells with love, I hope I remember this moment just like this forever.

Find a local photographer and allow them to capture you just as you are.

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