Yesterday and Today | Warner Robins, Georgia Lifestyle Family Photographer

What You Saw Yesterday isn't What You See Today...Thankfully


I swear this day was yesterday. I can still remember dressing my girls and white t-shirts and long socks. Asking them if they wanted to jump on Mommy's bed. My oldest, Jade was so excited I can still hear her little clap of excitement. Ryan, my youngest at the time, followed her sister's lead and knew there was something coming to be excited about. As they jumped I pulled my sheets up on my bed and threw my sheet in the air and watching their facing as they anticipated the familiar sheet on their faces. Their smiles, their giggles as they continued the game on their own while I captured the moment...I can still feel this moment

I remember still on the floor across from my bed and thinking 'please let me remember this moment just like this for the rest of my life. Thank you, God for this moment.'

I remember uploading these photos to my computer this same night, excited to see the joy love, and cute pictures I had captured of my girls. I remember sitting in my little office/playroom being so disappointed and frustrated with myself. I remember thinking these aren't even something the girls would like to see when they get older. I remember going to bed defeated.