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She was amazing. I loved working with her and I can't wait to​ work with her again!

Mithkeya C.


I am a portrait photographer and a mom, both play a big role in how I identify myself and how I see the world. I love being a mom and not just the beautiful moments when everyone is happy, those moments are rare. I enjoy the struggles. The long nights that you feel like will never end answering the never-ending ‘whys’ from your toddler. The arguments that bring up every emotion inside of you with your pre-teen. The small moments when your teenager walks up to you and hugs you without being asked. Every one of those moments is imperfect and yet perfect in every way. Long before I became a Mom I chose the identity of the photographer. Photography is how I express myself beyond words, but more importantly, it is my way of influencing and changing the world. Through photography, I change the way everyday moments are experienced and remembered. Every moment deserves to be captured despite being at a low or a high. All moments of life create an absolutely beautiful life. I knew this before becoming a mom, and I know it is still true. Life is beautiful and your moments' matter.

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