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Oh, Baby! | Marci Renee Photography Lifestyle Photographer Warner Robins, Georgia

What to Expect At a Newborn Photography Session

The Details

Before I say anything I have to talk about how sweet these little feet are! I mean who can see these feet and not want to gobble them up! If you don’t know I am a fan of baby feet. My three-year-old is constantly asking me to smell her feet because she knows I will eat those toes up every time. The giggles I get from eating up those sweet toes are priceless! My 12 and 15-year-old are no longer fans of it and of course, they act like they never were (yes they still have baby feet in my eyes). I love baby feet! So coming into a photoshoot with me please expect that you are going to walk away with some pictures of your baby’s feet and hands. I’m just saying those are some things I can’t resist. Those little hands and feet will never be the same again. Capturing the little details is a must for me. I won‘t eat up your baby and give them kisses…. though it’s so freaking hard I can control myself.

Light Control

Who doesn’t want to sleep like a newborn? I mean sign me up like yesterday. I am all about letting a sleeping baby sleep so it means I try to refrain from waking them with bright lights or a flash. I wish to want your baby to be at peace while I photograph them.

The deal home for photography is the home that has floor-to-ceiling windows. The sun is sitting at about 9 am or 2 pm in the sky at just the right angle. Yep, definitely a dream. The reality of it is most homes don’t have this and it’s completely ok. For my newborn sessions and all my in-home sessions, I recommend pulling up the blinds and opening up the curtain. Let as much light come in that can and let me figure out the rest. I will admit sometimes there is some ‘fadangling’ ( yep that is my made-up word I use it often) I have to do at times. Honestly, I love the challenge of it! No day is the same and no situation is the same there is always a challenge. However, sometimes an extra pop of light is necessary....but you will know that prior to me arriving at your home.

Patience is Key

I schedule my sessions with two-hour blocks. All my sessions. Everyone needs time for a meltdown, a readjustment, a feeding, or a good ole fashion diaper change. If I could lay on my momma all day with her feeding me I probably would take the opportunity even in my 37-year-old body, no shame. I would probably be upset if someone came along to take me off of laying on her shoulder or in her arms to "take pictures". I respect the fact the babies that I have photographed have allowed. I respect that they aren't ragefully upset with me. Those that do get upset I take my time with them. I wait and listen and allow their let wants to be met until they tell me it's ok to proceed. They don't have words that they can express yet but they definitely have a voice in expressing themselves. I have to respect them because being able to photography the beginning of life.... is an absolute honor.


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